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Frequently Asked Questions

You have been referred to Bingham Nerve & Muscle because you have experienced numbness, tingling, pain, weakness and/or muscle cramping.  If your provider suspects that you may have a problem with your nerves or muscles, this procedure will likely be an important part of your evaluation. This procedure takes about 30-60 minutes.

Nerve conduction studies show how well an electrical signal travels across a nerve.  Special equipment records how the nerve works.  The doctor may test several nerves.

In this part of the exam, the doctor evaluates the electrical signals that travel from the muscle to the EMG monitor. A small electrode will be placed just under the skin in a few different muscles. With new technology and special techniques, this procedure is done with minimal discomfort.

  •     Four years of college

  •     Four years of medical school

  •     Four years of residency in neurology or physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatry)

  •     Board certification in physical medicine and rehabilitation

  •     Board certification in electrodiagnostic medicine (ABEM)

Some patients may experience a small amount of discomfort associated with the nerve conduction study.  Most patients describe the sensation as a shock or tingle feeling that lasts for less than a second.  The majority of our patients tolerate this part of our test very well.  All of our staff have experienced these tests, so we are able to understand your concerns and put your mind at ease.  With the EMG needle portion of the test, many of our patients are surprised with the little discomfort they experience.  Most patients will say they worried for nothing.  However, if a patient feels they are unable to tolerate the test, we can stop the test at any time.  

Before your test, please take a bath or shower to remove oil from your skin.  Do not use body lotion or powder the day of your test to improve the quality of the test results.

It is best to wear loose clothing that is easy to remove. You may bring or wear loose-fitting shorts and a t-shirt if you wish.  We also have shorts and gowns available for our patients.

Please bring your insurance cards and a valid form of identification.  Also to save time, you may download and complete our patient forms to bring with you.


We understand your time is valuable.  We do our best to see all of our patients in a timely manner, so you have to wait the least amount of time possible.  Occasionally, we have to spend a little more time with a patient, but we try our best to get you in and out of the office in a timely manner so you can get on with your day. 

Our physicians do testing only. They will not discuss the diagnosis or treatment of your condition.  Please return to your referring provider for further care.  Typically formal reports are faxed to your physician within 24 hours.  The EMG is just one part of the jigsaw puzzle; your physician will evaluate the results of the EMG along with any other investigations he or she deems necessary in order to give you the most accurate diagnosis possible.