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Our technologists are all certified and have the most up-to-date training. Each is a Certified Nerve Conduction Technologist (CNCT).


We are proud that all of our EMG labs are accredited by the American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine with Exemplary Status,

Welcome to Bingham Nerve and Muscle

Bingham Nerve & Muscle specializes in state-of-the-art nerve and muscle testing (electromyography or EMG/NCS). Electromyography is the standard for accurate and comprehensive evaluations of the peripheral nervous system (the “electrical system” of the body or the “wires” of the arm and leg). Patients with symptoms such as pain, numbness, or tingling in the arms and legs often require an evaluation. Patients with unexplained weakness of the arms and legs often require a visit as well. This procedure is also an important method for evaluating muscle disorders.

The physicians at Bingham Nerve & Muscle have devoted their careers exclusively to electromyography and the evaluation of nerve and muscle disorders. This narrow focus has given our staff a unique depth of experience in testing. Each year several hundred providers ask us to evaluate their patients. We perform this test to help providers make an accurate diagnosis. We do not manage or treat patients.
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Our friendly staff is committed to giving patients the very best care. With new technology and the special approaches developed by Dr. Bingham, this test can be performed with very little discomfort for both adults and children (over age 8). All of our physicians are board certified. Ronald Bingham M.D. and Remy Valdivia M.D. are board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and also Electrodiagnostic Medicine. Mark Ferrante M.D. is board certified in Neurology and Electrodiagnostic. Additionally, all the technicians are Certified Nerve Conduction Technologists.

Bingham Nerve & Muscle was founded by Ronald C. Bingham, M.D. in 1989. Over the past 32 years, we have extended our services to reach patients throughout the Mid-South with seven offices located in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. All of our facilities are accredited with exemplary status. We welcome patients with all forms of insurance including Medicare, Medicaid, and TriCare. We are also in network with most commercial and workers’ compensation carriers.

Our Mission

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Our goal is to provide the highest quality testing to the patients we are privileged to serve. Our doctors, certified nerve conduction technologists, and staff are all committed to providing the most accurate testing in a friendly, comfortable environment. We’ve been treating our patients like family for over 32 years.

Patient and Provider Testimonials

Our goal is to treat every patient like family. We want your visit to be pleasant, comfortable and efficient.


Very prompt, courteous, and efficient. My experience couldn’t have been better! A+


I have to say that I am amazed at the quality of service that I received during my visit- every person had a huge smile and was super friendly. The staff was very attentive to my needs and truly made me feel welcomed. I’m grateful to meet such a positive group of doctors and staff- would highly recommend them to anyone!


Dr. Bingham, I have received your summary report, as promised. Thank you for this response. A brief query into the internet lends some definition to the limitations I have been experiencing which are far beyond the momentary limitations dealt with throughout the past decades. You and those shocking women on your staff treated me with respect, and I truly appreciate respectful treatment as an individual human rather than merely one of the elderly as so many do. I love your caring nature, and I love those shocking women who were so patient with me!


For tests that are a little painful, we were laughing so hard with the staff, and then the Doctor....you have a great team, don't ever change. I'd prefer to go where you are treated like family, and we were! Thank you!


Felt very comfortable, staff was very polite and knew what they were doing. Left the Dr office with a good feeling.


Thank you, Dr. Bingham. I came to you last year and you got the ball rolling. I just am so thankful I came to you. Thanks for all you did! I shall never forget!


I was extremely pleased with the staff and Dr. Bingham. My EMG went smoothly, and they made me [as] comfortable as possible. It is hard to find people that treat their patients so kindly. Thank you for a wonderful experience.​

Referral Nurse

Thank you for seeing our patients in a timely manner and for getting your consultation reports to us so quickly. Great Job!

Referral Nurse

Thanks for being so prompt on making sure I have what I need to refer to you guys. It makes it easier for me. We will continue to send referrals to your office as they come along.

Referral Physician

Thank you very much for your recent letter regarding the EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies. I sincerely appreciate your conscientiousness in this regard.


Dr. Bingham, you may not remember me but I will never forget you and your kindness. The blessing you gave me has been passed on too. I do smile each time I think of what you did. Sincerely, thank you!

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