Another Achievement for Bingham Nerve & Muscle

Bingham Nerve & Muscle (formerly EMG Clinics of Tennessee) was recently notified that it received the Electrodiagnostic (EDX) Laboratory Accreditation with Exemplary Status from AANEM. This accreditation is a voluntary, peer-review process that identifies and acknowledges EDX labo- ratories for achieving and maintaining the highest level of qual- ity, performance and integrity based on professional standards developed by AANEM.

“This prestigious accreditation shows how serious we are about this important element of patient care,” said Dr. Ron Bingham, who also is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and electrodiagnostic medicine. “Our ten facilities are the first accredited laboratories in West Tennessee and the Memphis metropolitan area.”

Accreditation provides laboratories specializing in EDX medicine with a structured mechanism to assess, evaluate and improve the quality of care provided to their patients. Exemplary Status is the highest level of accreditation an EDX laboratory can achieve under the AANEM Accreditation Program.

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